Independent Bronx Transformers

Independent Bronx Transformers

Good Morning my fellow Bronxites,

It is my honor and privilege to communicate with you all some emerging constituency matters crucial for moving the Bronx transformation agenda forward or embracing the Bronx status quo. I want all the Bronxites to be aware of the fact that we have come a long way and must be proud of it, nonetheless we have heck of a long way forward. Bronx, moreso than any other county, is in dire need of self evaluation. It can’t afford business as usual mediocrity: doing things the same way and expecting a new, safe, prosperous, healthy, educated, successful, or being a preferred destination from wealthy families to live and invest.

A little background.

1st) If any political leader has ever provided me something that would compromise my integrity and undermine my ability to be an independent community organizer I ask you to publicly disclose it so that I would not be a hypocrite.

2nd) While I have been an active civic and political participation maniac, I have never, ever gone back to the people I helped and ask them for personal favors, ever. As a matter of fact, one elected official in particular came to me as he was planning to run for office without a penny, support or campaign infrastructure, I allowed him to use my name, Social Security and ID to open an office. We took my office computer, fax and all other campaign equipment to get the boll rolling. We raised almost all the campaign funds and he won. I have never been to his office or even attended his swear in ceremony. I am highlighting this case just to make a point.

Now , this leads me to why I write this message. We have decided to properly educate Bronx residents to be informed constituents in selecting who should represent them and not who the special interests groups shoved on their throats. We are committed to sponsoring political forums and debates for all campaigns in all districts in the Bronx.

I must remind you about this fact. The day we hosted Crowley/Ocasio debate, our Borough President brought Mr. Crowley to the Bronx to campaign. They didn’t allow Crowley to attend for what they naively thought was a waste of time since they had it all locked in. They must now apologize to Mr. Crowley, because only fools undermine our commitment to the Bronx.

So our next major Candidates Forum are Congressional Districts 15th and 14th. All prospective candidates will be invited. The forums will go on as they are planned with or without them. But just the foolish mistakes made by Mr. Crowley’s Bronx handlers, candidates who fail to take us seriously can very well kiss our behind no matter how much they believe they have it. Transforming the Bronx requires independent transformers like us. We are not anti anyone. We are pro Bronx to core. Thank you for reading this message and I am open to be educated.